A perfect table setting for your guests is crucial to a perfect evening or lunch. But what brings it all together? Creating an environment that complements the food and appeals to your guests is crucial. We’ll show you how to use your tablescape to make a lasting impression that will make your meal flow as easily as your favorite chardonnay.



1. Tablecloth

The tablecloth is the most important piece of your table decor. The foundation of a central theme, the tablecloth is what ties the napkins, place settings and accessories together. Correspondingly, selecting the wrong tablecloth can dampen the dining ambiance (but, no pressure!). Here are a few general rules for choosing a tablecloth that is both appropriate for the occasion and aesthetically appealing:

Selecting a Pattern:
Selecting a Color:
Selecting a Size:


Napkins provide a contrast to the tablecloth and enrich the feel of the eating environment.

Napkin Texture:


Napkin Size

The size of the napkins you use depends on the event you will be hosting, as follows:

Informal Table Setting


Formal Table Setting


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